Advertising Player

As most of us understand, as a representative of a plus size display of high brightness, advertising player display has practically exterior display standing of the king, generally defined as installed in the structure facades, large pillar at the top of display products. The previous two years small pitch advertising player technology is widely made use of as well as recognized, industry experts think that electronic signs marketing machine application or battlefield will be the best tiny pitch advertising player. As the marketplace continues to increase as well as upgrade the LED, for advertising player innovation needs are likewise enhancing, the marketplace competitors is tough however additionally to LED modern technology as mirrored in the competitiveness of organizations.

Advertising Player

Just recently, news that the Korean group replaced by a two-stage approach of developing a brand-new framework to produce a new advertising player component driving security and luminous efficiency is improved by more than 3 times, which marks the ED high illumination, reduced electrical consumption The screen illumination system a progression.

Show industry, the semiconductor market and called Korea the two industries as the primary medium to convey the picture, the importance of the display screen is self-evident, as well as reduced power intake, lightweight, first class and flexibility and other performance signs additionally its the general trend of property development, so the study group examined mainly for a brand-new generation of display materials and quantum dot light giving off components.

Korea Institute of Science as well as Innovation (KIST) zodiac Beijing (phonetic) Dr. photoelectric products research team, as well as the future Integrated Technology Research Center Cui Yuan Agency (phonetic), the use of polymer materials research team, Dr. PEIE and zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles create “shot level” as well as “transportation level” the double layer structure, security and luminous performance of the device have actually been made best use of enhanced, thus the advancement of quantum dot advertising player.

Macromolecular drugs PEIE low cost, as well as is an eco-friendly product, if direct exposure to the material and also the steel conductivity or organic, could minimize the job feature of each compound, and therefore play the role of surface alteration of materials. Greater indium tin oxide (ITO) job feature of 4.8 eV, as a result primarily made use of as an anode product in repainted PEIE (surface modifier), the job function decreased 3.08 eV, therefore comes to be a cathode usage, such The security of such conversion aspect framework is enhanced.

Advertising Player

After creating the shot layer and the transport level, only the duty of polymer product PEIE shot layer and blocked external injection hole, then moving the electron transportation layer will certainly fall short, in order to solve this problem, the study group at PEIE coated with zinc oxide nanoparticles, to function as a duty electron transportation layer, by this style idea, the ultimate success of the growth of quantum dot advertising player, this study has actually lately published in the International Journal “Scientific Information” in March Online 10th.

Dr. Wong commented: “Cost PEIE and also basic materials such as zinc oxide is low, and also in the world bountiful, steady source aspect electrodes conversion framework is extremely stable, not just to prolong the life of the display could additionally be made use of for solar battery optical sensing unit; quantum dot advertising player is still in the test phase, compared with the conventional display, shade pureness and quality have enhanced dramatically, anticipated in the next 5 to Ten Years are anticipated to replace Oadvertising player and eventually to attain mass business production. ”

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