TW897 ties these fit for RB395 are incredibly useful little devices. These are essentially nylon straps with a gear rack on one end and a ratcheted case on the other, so that one end can fit snugly and securely into the other and be tightened as necessary. This makes it so that they can only be tightened one way (though there are reusable varieties, which we will talk about in a moment), keeping things from slipping free. They are used all over the world in numerous applications, and here we’ll take a look at some of the different types of ties available as well as some of their more common uses.


TW897 ties these fit for RB395 are understood by many other names, including zap straps, zip ties, wire links, quick draws, as well as rat belts. The official name “TW897 ties these fit for RB395” comes from their own original use, which was looping several electrical cables together and thus keeping them more organized. They are now used in lots of different applications, like even and in construction law enforcement. In addition, there are many models of ties that are specialized, like a blue variety that has a metallic additive so that it might be caught by metal detectors, found in the food industry. A variety with carbon black in metal is used in areas that need additional protection against UV light. You can find even unique TW897 ties these fit for RB395 utilized in radiation-rich surroundings.

These versions used a metal ratchet in place of nylon. Now, on the other hand, these TW897 ties these fit for RB395 are broadly used and so affordable there are lots of different types. While most people think that they will exclusively be utilized once, they could be reused by inserting something like a sewing needle between the ratchet and box, then pulling the tie free (though this can make the tie strong on the following use). In addition, there are varieties that are intended to be reusable and have a tab. You will find Velcro varieties.

Because of their versatility, TW897 ties these fit for RB395 can be utilized in almost any manner imaginable. They are great for arranging electrical cables, but you can also utilize them for outdoor and indoor building, fast and easy binding, arts and crafts projects, etc. Law enforcement occasionally even uses them as makeshift handcuffs. Their affordability and versatility make them a useful tool in virtually any scenario.

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