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The company has voluntarily made numerous changes since December 2009 to curb the practices that are at issue in the lawsuit and this, thankfully, has resulted in fewer recent complaints to our office.

— Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, May 24, 2012


On May 24, 2012, RealNetworks reached a settlement with the Washington State Attorney General on discontinued e-commerce practices.

Key Facts

  1. Before the Attorney General’s office raised any concerns, RealNetworks had already discontinued pre-checked boxes to enroll customers in subscription products.
  2. RealNetworks announced a Customer Bill of Rights so that we can aspire to be the gold standard in customer satisfaction.
  3. A restitution fund has been created. Consumers can go to RealNetworksRestitution.com or call (866) 229-7802 to see if they qualify.

About RealNetworks

RealNetworks creates innovative applications and services that make it easy for people to connect with and enjoy digital media. RealNetworks invented the streaming media category in 1995 and continues to connect consumers with their digital media both directly and through partners, aiming to support every network, device, media type and social network.